We fired the kiln!

We fired the kiln!

Here she is!

The inaugural firing of the kiln went quite well! We ended up firing for 60 hours, 40 hours longer than we had planned! The insulating bricks were showing signs of holding moisture, which we needed to dry out very slowly. The plus side is, the next firing will feel like a walk in the park!

I’m over the moon excited to begin making work to fire again, and I’m grateful beyond words to have this incredible tool in our back yard! A big shout out to my better half who worked tirelessly for a long time to make this dream come true. Another one to all of our friends who helped in some way. Chris West, Kyle Carpenter, York Haverkamp, Megan Wolfe, The Haywoods, Alex Irvine, Josh Beck, Christine Thomas, our Parents, my Grandma, Hunter Stamps, Matt Jacobs.

Feelin’ the love, y’all!

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