Clay: Stoneware, mostly from North Carolina.

Primary forming methods: I mostly throw on the wheel, but I also enjoy altering wheel thrown pots, pinching, and handbuilding. 

Decoration: I love pressing seed pods and other plant material into the clay and then filling in the mark with underglaze. The hunt for plant material and the seasonality of the technique are what draw me to the process.

Favorite tools: My wheel, my kiln, my hands, and the red rib by Mudtools.

Hometown: I grew up in Fairview, NC, right off of 74, just 12 miles from where my husband Matt and I have made our home here in Swannanoa.

Pets: We have two of the best dogs, both hound mixes, LeeRoy and Tellico and we recently lost their sister, the very best cat, IttyBitty. 

Why I make pots: I fell in love with the lifestyle; Mismatched plates and stacks of bowls in the cupboard, hard work but the freedom to move about as one wishes, the splitting of wood, the anticipation around the firing, the fire itself, the people it draws together.

Favorite Food: Tacos!

Hobbies- Gardening, Camping, Hiking, Cooking, Forest Farming, Photography